Hey gang, If you happen to be in town, a group of classmates is gathering together at Rocco’s Tavern in Old Town Pasadena, Saturday, Oct 2, at 6:30 pm. Join Jay, Greg, Jeff, Maya, Nancy, and whomever else confirms by the time I send this out. Rocco’s Tavern - Pasadena
In addition to Facebook, there's now a Class of '86 WhatsApp group.
SPHS Class of 86 35th Reunion is postponed due to Delta.
Please take this survey. The fate of the world is at stake!
SPHS Class of '86 High School Reunion 🐯
Welcome to SPHS Class of 86 by me, Ron Dawson. Blerd in the middle of blaxistential crisis @dungeonsndurags. Read the book online …

SPHS Class of 86